A selection of Full Effect Company members


The list of specialists consultants and consultancies that have worked with me on Full Effect marketing projects is lengthy.  Here are some of those involved in recent projects:

From6 Digital  www.from6.com
Headed by Brit Ollie Hunt, Bahrain based From6 Digital is fast becoming the Gulf’s go-to e-commerce and digital consultancy.  They created the on-line store for my client Zohoor Alreef and worked on a number of other digital elements of the Zohoor strategy.

ProDesign  www.prodesignarabia.com
ProDesign in Bahrain with Nick Cooksey at the helm publish corporate magazines and worked with me to create the breakthrough in-house Arab-language magazine for the customers of the Zohoor Alreef retail chain.

Boomerang Publishing  www.bpublishing.cz
Boomerang was founded by Marek Slezak in Prague and is an extremely prolific publisher of design-rich corporate magazines including the ground-breaking Chilli Cili for the Czech mobile operator Oskar (who became the fastes-growing third operator in the world and is now part of Vodafone).  Boomerang worked with me to create another breakthrough publication Aura for the lighting division of Philips.  This won European awards for effectiveness and design.

Juuce Design. www.juuce.com
Juuce is a one of Sydney’s hot design boutiques founded by George Ihring.  George and I developed an e-commerce strategy for Oskar Mobile in Prague and Juuce have since designed retail promotions for Zohoor Alreef in The Gulf.

Kontrastika.  www.kontrastika.com
A great design group in Slovenia headed by Tomazic Matjaz who worked with me to create a great set of character icons and an e-commerce site for my client Immedia Broadcast in the UK.

From6 Integrated Marketing.  www.from6.com
From6′s mainstream media consultancy in Bahrain worked with me to establish the house style for Zohoor Alreef in-store promotions and today creates all their retail events.  They also developed a new brand identity for Zohoor and have contributed on many other levels to the retailer’s marketing communications.

CDA Option One.  www.cda-opt1.com
Bob Cardona heads a team that’s a broad church, but I particularly value their retail design work.  From retail formats to advertising campaigns there’s a trick to retail and Bob knows it.  We have worked together on a retail format for Zohoor Alreef and have more projects in the pipeline.

Immedia Broadcast. www.immediabroadcast.com
Immedia have been both partner and client over the years and we have collaborated on projects in a number of countries.  Immedia, founded by the ex BBC presenter Bruno Brooks represent the elite in a very specialist area of marketing – using broadcast media to drive a business.  From specially tailored in-store music to live radio stations that have driven shops, offices and venues around the world, there simply isn’t anybody better anywhere.

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