Phil’s marketing adventure


Press Release 051

Twenty years ago after a long involvement in the world of advertising that took me around the world, placed me in various roles with client-side organisations, to senior positions at Ted Bates and McCann and a seat on the board of the world’s biggest advertising group Saatchi & Saatchi, I struck out in a new direction.  I began my work creating a new approach to marketing that I now call Full Effect Marketing, and a means of delivering it -  The Full Effect Company – an ever-growing team of specialist marketers and business experts who have adopted the ideas and processes that make up Full Effect Marketing and see the sense in the working model I have created around it.  This set me off on a new journey around the world a few more times and introduced me to the inner working of some of the world’s most fascinating organisations.

Hopefully, over that time I have helped a few people acquire a new perspective on this thing we call marketing.  I know that most of the strategies that I have created have driven businesses into new areas and to new heights, so I feel I’ve made a worthwhile contribution along the way, and there are now businesses out there that are enjoying a second life thanks to their new thinking.

Throughout, Full Effect Marketing has continued to evolve, generally keeping a step ahead of the game and today represents a fully-integrated, end-to-end business and marketing strategy programme that places the brand at the centre of the organisation and puts marketing firmly in the driving seat.  Most importantly, its a philosophy that any business can adopt, that has no joins, but enjoys full, measurable accountability and increases ROI.

My clients range from modest domestic concerns to some of the world’s biggest corporations among them the global marketing services groups with whom I have a special affinity and who I continue to badger into fulfilling their role as leaders and adventurers in the world of business.

I champion brands, develop brand communities and introduce the understanding, structures and tools to the organisations that want to nurture the strong brand communities that are the ticket to ride in today’s business environment. These days brands belong to consumers, not the organisations who designed the logo, but that’s where the Full Effect Marketing story starts and if you want to know the rest you’ll have to get in touch with me directly.


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