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If you are still not convinced, this is what others have to say about Phil Darby, Full Effect Marketing and the Brand Discovery Programme.

“I attended Phil’s program of brand discovery workshops. His preparation, planning and facilitation is among the best I have ever seen. His workshops are very carefully prepared and planned but he makes them comes across as being spontaneous. The depth of knowledge he has of the importance of brands as the ‘heart and soul’ of an organisation and the enthusiasm which he puts into his training/facilitation delivery makes his workshops both a memorable and enjoyable event and also a learning experience which leaves you thinking for a long time afterwards …”

Liam Anderson –International process and training consultant in the telco sector.

“… I have never before or since seen anybody weigh up a situation and come up with a solution so quickly. He took control and re-set our coordinates without anybody feeling that he was intruding. Phil’s involvement didn’t stop there though; he guided us through the entire execution and coached us through the presentation to our client. The result was better than we could possibly have expected and Phil’s brisk, confident approach helped us meet what we had thought was an impossible deadline without anybody having a nervous breakdown …”

Michail Tzvetanov– Client Services Director JWT Prague

“If you hire a consultant to massage your ego, show you the quick fix or hold your hand as you go down, try someone else. Phil is a straight-talking, original thinker with a way of making the most radical palatable and a commitment to delivering the best that you won’t better! His Full Effect Marketing philosophy puts marketing in the driving seat and will take you on a tour around your business that brings everything into line (and I mean everything) behind a single idea that’s yours, is real and which you can realistically deliver …”

Susan Wilson – VP Marketing CityPass. US.

“If you’re interested in branding and putting it at the centre of building your business, I’d suggest you check out THE FULL EFFECT, and see what Phil Darby can do for you”.

Julian Stubbs – Founder Up There Everywhere, public speaker and world renown builder of city brands.

“Phil’s Full Effect Marketing philosophy leaves you thinking that life makes sense after all. His down-to-earth approach makes a refreshing change from the marketing mystique spun by others and if you attend a Full Effect seminar you’ll be sure to come away appreciating why everything your business does impacts your bottom line”.

Jeff Brades– Global Marketing Director – CAS

“Phil has a rarely found ability to communicate ideas and solutions to and across both the brand and data areas of marketing. As well as being innovative with his own concepts he is quick to pick up ideas from others and shape and transform them in to an actionable strategy. In addition he has a keen eye for identifying tactical opportunities that can result in an early ROI”.

Richard Lewis- Experian

“Phil is an extremely knowledgeable partner in the area of branding, marketing and communications. He has a vast reservoir of experience upon which he continually draws and he is always capable of finding a relevant analogy for a particular business problem. He is curious, creative and communicative, a lot of fun to work with, and passionate about his work. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a serious and stimulating partner in the areas of marketing and branding”.

Colin Shea– Regional Manager Consulting Services TNS.

“Phil is very structured and goal oriented marketing professional. His clients do benefit from his deep knowledge and many years of experience on the field of marketing services. I endorse Phil’s ability to bring order and structure into complex marketing challenges and make things work to reach the goals …”

Petr Barton– Partner. Lundegaard Digital Marketing

“I just have to recommend Phil and his service! I had a chance to meet him at presentation for his client (Philips) and his thoughts, comments and the way how he reacted were fantastic! …”

Martin Svarc – Client Director. Boomerang Publishing

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