Some of the principles I and my company live by


Marketing is about doing things that nobody has done before

This is where the Full Effect Marketing story starts and it’s at the very heart of Brand Discovery.  Successful businesses have strong brands, strong brands stand out from the crowd.  They are distinctive.  Adam Morgan of Eating The Big Fish fame called it “Lighthouse Branding”, but the basic idea has been around for decades, if not longer.  People with insipid characters have few friends.  The same goes for brands.  Be different, be successful.

Every communication you have, with anybody, at any level, has a direct effect on your bottom line.

This is the fundamental principle of integrated marketing, but Full Effect Marketing takes to it a new level by extending it to every area of the business.  These days every organisation is a marketing organisation and you marketing strategy IS your business strategy, so when you are putting a strategy together it must address areas of business that you may not have previously considered “marketing”.  Inconsistency, either in the way you express yourself in different situations or between your words and actions, is the prohibitory of a strong brand and it all impacts your bottom line.

The single most important difference between a successful organisation and an unsuccessful one is efficiency

Any business is just a machine.  You put money into one end and, if you get it right, more money comes out the other.  What you do in the middle and how you do it is what determines success.  The last thing you need is waste and duplication and a strong brand will help you avoid both.  A strong brand is what keeps employees focused on your goal, so they deliver the right ideas and fulfill their roles.  It also helps your customers understand and trust you, which will keep them coming back and make the introduction of new products quicker and more successful.

Innovation is the currency of business.  You are only as good as your NEXT big idea.

Most start-ups are one-trick ponies and, with product life expectancy diminishing as fast as it is these days that’s simply not going to cut it.  If you want to be around for a while you have to innovate – ask Apple – and its not easy.  A strong brand is the key to innovation and new products are both the cause and effect.  A community of innovative employees and engaged customers is the product of clear values and promises you deliver.

A brand isn’t built on promises alone, you have to deliver them.

Too many business believe that branding is just a matter of making promises that consumers want to hear only to discover that a promise undelivered is a short ride to nowhere.  It costs ten times as much to attract a new customer than to sell to an existing one, but once you have disappointed a customer it could cost you one-hundred times as much to bring them back again.  New customers are becoming scarcer.  Brand Discovery helps organisations identlfy promises they can deliver and build a sustainable business on that.

Everyone at every level of an organisation has a marketing role to play.

You can’t hope to bring a strategy to life without the support of every member of your organisation.  Your ability to deliver your promises efficiently involves every area of your business and every discipline within it.  That’s why we consider internal marketing to be at least as important as all the external stuff.

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