Who We Work With


My clients over the years have divided pretty equally into two broad groups.  In the first are marketing services companies – advertising agencies, digital consultancies, research groups, design consultancies, promotions companies – they’ve all received the Full Effect treatment at some time.

The role that I have played has varied.  A number of agencies have called me in to create and run new business programmes, which I have done pretty successfully.  In other cases I’ve adopted a strategy development role, working for clients on the agency’s behalf.  Many agencies have hired me to help them create a strategy for their own growth.  I’ve lent some of our agency clients my own Full Effect Marketing and Brand Discovery programmes and even helped a few develop their own versions. I mentor pitches, drop in for strategy reviews and mentor senior executives. Expressed as simply as possible, I’ve done what I do for clients in any other sector, help them spot their opportunities for growth, gear themselves up to exploit them and provide all the practical support they need to maximise their success.


When I haven’t been working with agencies I and the Full Effect Company of specialists have been weaving our magic for all manner of other businesses.  In fact there’s barely a sector that we haven’t worked in although retailers, telcos and fmcg companies have featured pretty prominently.  There have been a good number of ground-up strategy development and implementation projects, some taking a number of years.  We’ve built, trained and managed marketing teams and occasionally taken on the role of the marketing department ourselves (a great way for a business to tackle the change management process).  We’ve re-worked brands, developed and launched innumerable products, revived ailing businesses, opening up new territories and even created companies and business units from scratch.

We’ve also worked in parts of the world as diverse as the US, Scandinavia, Australia, the Middle East and pretty well every corner of Europe, tackling the challenges of developing and developed markets.

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